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Whether you want to reach new domestic customers or expand internationally, our strategy is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Find out how WebPartners can help you stake your claim on the World Wide Web while you choose your criteria, demographics and industry.
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How Internet technology strengthens
traditional marketing methods

Published by Aspen Publishers, Inc.

Traditional law firm marketing methods, such as seminars, published articles, and speaking events, help create the intimate, trust-based relationships that are essential to business development in the professional services. These tried-and-true methods are now benefiting from interactive Web sites that can engage visitors and help form the same kind of one-to-one relationships between attorneys and prospects.

While Web sites cannot and should not replace traditional marketing, they have made legal services marketing more effective in ways that we are only beginning to understand and fully exploit. What we have discovered, even as we explore these new interactive ways to market law firms, is that prospects and clients are already researching law firm sites to review attorney credentials and experience, narrow choices, and ultimately retain counsel.

Of those surveyed, a whopping 65 percent have gone online to look for legal services, while 38 percent search online for legal services every week, or even more often.

To view an example, type "kitchener lawyers" in Google

Web Partners Kitchener Lawyer

We Think Solutions lawyer directories have consistently generated new leads and clients through their lawyer directories in Canada. WebPartners is a division of We Think Solutions, Inc.