Conventional Marketing

Despite the effectiveness of online marketing, conventional marketing strategies cannot be discarded all together.

Whenever appropriate, WebPartners will employ traditional offline marketing methods like media advertisements, direct mail marketing, or hand-outs. After all, not everyone browses the web and conventional marketing strategies can be very effective in creating awareness.

WebPartners believe that the marketing and promotion of a web site has to be viewed within the context of a total marketing solution. A company web site should be aligned with the image and philosophy of the company being represented.

There are a number of ways to drive traffic to your company website. WebPartners uses both traditional and modern marketing methods to introduce more prospects to your company:

  • Advertising in Newspapers and Magazines
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Stationery and Brochures
  • and other conventional methods

WebPartners are specialists in a niche market and by effectively combining the resources that will ensure success for your Internet strategy and business expansion we are committed to become the leading provider of web partnering services in Canada.