Case Studies

Successful Lead Generation:
WebPartners increases new leads for a law firm

The Case

Though this company’s website had been in existence since 2004, it had never been able to achieve any significant ranking in popular search engines. Their website was rarely ever found via search engines so they never had many web visitors.
WebPartner Case Studies

The Challenge

The company was heavily invested in Yellow Pages advertising but they realized that more and more of their potential clients prefer to use the Internet to find service organizations. They threw money at a new website and waited for the Internet leads to come flying in. After two years had passed, they could not attribute a single new client to the money and effort they had spent on their website.

They questioned their web development company as to why they were not getting any new customers from their site. They learned that their website was rarely visited. Their web developer was unapologetic.He had delivered a website as promised - completed his end of the bargain. He had built the "store" - it was not his fault that no one entered the store. He was just happy to collect his annual "rent" on the store without customers.
Other Case StudiesHere are some other examples of how we took on the challenge of bringing in qualified leads to our web partners. These demonstrate not only what we do and how we do it but the business benefits our clients have enjoyed as a result.
  • WebPartners drives sales for a homeliving business firm
  • WebPartners develops lead generation strategy and improved client login system for a Canadian insurance company
  • WebPartners lowers operational cost of an energy retailer firm
  • WebPartners transforms a local repair business into an international repair service firm
  • Publicly traded firm finds value in investor-focused websites developed by WebPartners
  • We have done it for many business, we can generate new leads to your business.

The Solution

WebPartners was tapped to assist the company in formulating a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy that would increase qualified website traffic, search engine referrals and customer acquisition. In essence, make their website do what all websites should be wired to do - increase sales by bringing in new clients and strengthening existing client relationships.

WebPartners observed and evaluated the website. This included studying and experimenting with frequently associated keywords and phrases. Following this analysis, a search engine optimization approach was formulated, tested, and refined.


Significant results were achieved within just five months from the start of the WebPartners engagement. Traffic greatly increased by 3000%, this led to a substantial increase in sales even as Yellow Pages expenditures were reduced.

Since then, the company website has consistently occupied the top 10 search engine results for associated keywords and phrases in every major search engine and online directory. It has occupied the number 1 spot in Google for key searches over the past two years. The approach gave the company a significant online advantage over its rivals.